Parent Communication

The responsibility for the education of the children at our school is seen as a partnership between the parents and the teachers. Communication is the most important aspect, if we are to work successfully together.  If there is a problem, or even a slight concern, please come and speak to a staff member, as a problem shared is a problem halved. 


Newsletters are sent home every fortnight on Wednesdays via email. Special news from home is always welcome, eg. the birth of a new baby or a child receiving a special sporting/cultural award.


We report formally using a Report Card twice a year – at the end of Semester I and at the end of Semester II. Parent Teacher interviews will be at the end of Term 1 and Term 3.

If any other concerns arise during the year, the classroom teacher will contact the parents to discuss action, which needs to be taken. Parents are always welcome to make a time to see the classroom teacher if they have anything they would like to discuss.