Our Principal

Janine Butlin

Welcome to St Stephen’s School. My name is Janine Butlin and I have been principal here since 2016.

St Stephen’s School is a Catholic school within the Toowoomba Diocese. We are committed to the Gospel values and the development of a Catholic ethos in the context of Pittsworth Parish. Our school aims to develop the whole person in each child – intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual. This is done in an atmosphere of care and support, with a concept that learning is enjoyable and motivates students. We believe that the learning environment we establish nurtures the gifts your child has.

Schools do not succeed by themselves. Parents have a critical role to play in the education of their child. To this end we like to work in partnership with parents; with teachers providing the lead due to their professional expertise. A co-operative relationship between home and school is extremely important. Our school is diverse in almost all aspects. Differing religious faiths are present, not just Catholics or Christian. Families of all economic backgrounds are members of our school. We are proud of this diversity and willingly cultivate it.

I feel blessed to be able to share the education journey of the pupils in my school. I am fortunate to be part of such a wonderful community. I have a dedicated staff who support me in my role as Principal.

Walking alongside the pupils in my school on their educational journey is a blessing. I particularly enjoy hearing from past pupils when they share their success stories with me. On a personal note, I grew up in Pittsworth and attended school at St Stephen’s with my brother Ross. It is wonderful to return to my hometown and work in this special school.

I trust you will enjoy a long-standing relationship with St Stephen’s School.

Janine Butlin, Principal