The Catholic School Community in Pittsworth was founded in 1916 by the Sisters of St Joseph. The school commenced as St Joseph’s Convent. In 1958, a new school was built and called St Stephen’s Catholic School. The qualities of Mary MacKillop as a pioneering woman who opened up new frontiers were seen as appropriate and inspirational and so the community looks to St Mary of the Cross as both guide and mentor.

The school commenced with an enrolment of 40 and by the end of 1916 there was an enrolment of 180.  At the end of 1981 school year, sadly the Sisters were recalled from Pittsworth.  We thank those men and women who have been a part of St Stephen’s School community over the past 98 years – the priests, sisters, teachers, parents and students.  Their valuable contributions have made the school what it is today, a school we are all very proud of for its high standard of education and impact in the Pittsworth community.

St Stephen’s Catholic Primary School is an integral part of the Pittsworth community. The use of facilities and resources by the various groups within the township is welcomed and encouraged. There is a strong sense of belonging and the sharing of personnel and expertise across the various groups encourages and supports our commitment to unity.

St Stephen was one of the early leaders of the Christian Church. He has the distinction of being both the first deacon and the first martyr.

St Stephen - Our Patron

Well-educated and fluent in Greek, St Stephen preached the gospel to those who were ultimately responsible for his trial and death by stoning.

At his trial, St Stephen spoke of the beliefs with which he is associated today:

  • The positive powerful influence one’s own faith can have on others
  • The need to live one’s life according to values that have lasting importance.